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Tower Crane Transport, Assembly and Dismantling

Tower Crane Assembly

Tower crane assembly requires specialist riggers that are certified to work at height and can require mobile cranes in excess of 500T capacity to successfully assemble a tower crane, Safely and speedily.

Our expert riggers are certified to rig at height and have red seal certification.

The tower crane raising process starts with a sturdy foundation which will be part of the engineering and hire requirements. Each tower crane, depending on it’s height and reach will have specific foundation requirements. Taller tower cranes will also have a specification to tie the mast into the building. Please consult us at Tower Crane South Africa with any queries or concerns you may have with the raising or dismantling of your Tower Crane.

Our rigging teams are expert tower crane assembly and dismantling professionals with many years of experience rigging at height.

Supervision is provided on all technically challenging projects. Our assembly and dismantling service is available throughout South Africa and Southern Africa.

We offer a complete turnekey Tower Crane rigging and transport solution which includes transport, assembly, dismantling and storage if required. Assembling and Dismantling a tower crane requires special skills and certification. Do not risk an accident by using lesser skilled tower crane rigging companies.

Our Tower crane assembly and dismantling teams work in South Africa, as well as cross border in our neighbouring countries. We also travel and rig tower cranmes in East and West Africa, such is the reputation of our skills.

incredible service history and the availability of expertise around the World to advise, erect and repair Potains tower cranes.

Potain has an incredible safety record backed by experienced agents in South Africa who are will to travel across the country as well as into Africa to ensure that your site is safe, trhe crane is operating at optimal levels and of course to deal with any servicing that is required.


  • Highly expereinced, certified assembly and dimantling riggers
  • Impeccable safety record
  • Load alancing expertise
  • Load testing and inspection
  • Comissioning and test lifts.
  • Dedicated long serving service & maintenance staff

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