Potain MCT 325 Tower crane

Maximum capacity 16 Tons and 2.5 Tons at 75m reach

Potain MCT 325 Tower Crane | Optimized for precast construction

Potain MCT Tower Crane

Optimized for precast construction

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Fast Facts

Potain MCT 325 Tower Crane
MCT78, MCT385

  • Max Lift Capacity: 12Ton & 16 Ton versions
  • Max Hook Reach: 75m
  • Jib Head Lift Capacity: 2.5 Ton and 2.3 Ton
  • Max Hook Height: 64m
  • Low Site Establishment cost
  • Quick On-Site Erection
  • One Man Operation
  • An establishment cost saver whose it’s innovative design is optimized for pre-cast construction methods.
  • Heavy lifter with a long reach that is easy to erect.
  • Transport adapted to the type of site
  • Easy installation due to its adjustable-spread chassis

Ther MCT 325 Tower crane from Potain is a topless crane that has some incredible load and reach capacities.

There is both a 12 Ton and a 16 Ton max lift capacity version of the MCT325. The 12 Ton has a lift capacity of 2.5 tons at 75m with the 16 Ton, giving you 2.3 Tons at 75m. This is truly a construction crane that will make movement of materials and costs a whole lot easier to bear.

Potain have been innovation front runners in the Tower crane business for many and the MCT 325 tower crane is a good example of Potain delivering a crane that is optimised for precast concrete construction methods. The innovation extends to the establisdhment phase, where the entire crane can be set up in less than 2 days. The main imprtovement in establ;ishment of tower cranes being the 4 lift jib and counter jib erection.

Potain mct 325 Tower Crane Load Chart

potain md2200 tower crane load chart