Potain Tower Cranes MDT368 | MDT218 | MDT178 Load Charts

Sites that require the use of multiple tower cranes will often opt for the Potain MDT Tower Cranes for their versatility and reach.

Potain MDT Tower Cranes | Ideal for multi crane sites

Potain MDT Tower Cranes

Ideal for multi crane sites

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Fast facts

Potain MDT Tower Crane Range
MDT368, MDT218, MDT178
  • Max Lift Capacity: 12Ton
  • Max Hook Reach: 61m - 76m
  • Jib Head Lift Capacity: 1.5Ton - 3.2Ton
  • Max Hook Height: 70m - 93m
  • Low Site Establishment cost
  • Quick On-Site Erection
  • One Man Operation
  • High-performance mechanization for progressiveness of movements
  • Innovative design for greater comfort and safety
  • Transport adapted to the type of site
  • Easy installation due to its adjustable-spread chassis

Multi crane sites need the Potain MDT Range of topless tower cranes. Each site is fully assessed and the best possible combination of height and reach applied for maximum coverage at the best possible price. Each single or multi use tower crane site is established with the most cost effective establishment design. Let Tower Crane South Africa price your next project.

POTAIN MDT 368 Tower Crane Load Chart


POTAIN MDT 218 Tower Crane Load Chart


POTAIN MDT 178 Tower Crane Load Chart