Potain Tower Cranes MR160 | MR225 | MR295 Load Charts

Idfeal for very tall structures, routinely seen on Power stations around the World.

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Fast facts

Potain MCT Tower Crane Range
MR160, MR225, MR295
  • Max Lift Capacity: 14Ton
  • Max Hook Reach: 50m - 60mm
  • Jib Head Lift Capacity: 2.4Ton - 2.8Ton
  • Max Hook Height: variable
The MR Range of Potain Tower cranes offer an extremely versatile height range with a unique luffing system mount and hoisting capabilities. The MC range of tower cranes is ideally suited for sites that require extreme height. The MR range of tower cranes are routinely used on Power stations around the World as well as high office blocks or any very tall structure.

Let one of our expert riggers provide the expertise needed to spec your tower crane for any super high structure.

POTAIN MR 160 Tower Crane Load Chart


POTAIN MR 225 Tower Crane Load Chart


POTAIN MR 295 Tower Crane Load Chart