Tower crane hire & Sales

We provide a full range of Tower Cranes, hoists and lifting equipment to the construction and related industries.

tower crane hire

tower crane sales

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Tower crane hire

Tower cranes with boom lengths up to 60m and height capabilities of 140m, there is a tower crane solution for your project.

potain mct tower crane

Tower cranes

We provide a full range of Tower Cranes and lifting equipment to the construction industry with anything from the efficiency and speed of Mobile self erecting tower cranes with maximum lift capacities of 1.5 Tons to heavy lifting Tower Crane with maximum capacities of up to 64 Tons.

We have specialist tower crane lifting solutions which include the Grove GTK1100 with it’s 140m height capability and the ability to lift 95 Tons. This heavy lift tower crane is ideal for power stations, wind farms and any other site that requires extraordinary height and reach applications.

Tower crane Services

Hire and Sales of new & used Tower cranes

Servicing, load testing and Repairs

Transport, Assembly and Dismantling of Tower cranes

Project planning & Lowbed Transport

Send us your plans and we will advise on the best possible way to utilize tower cranes and hoists for your project.

mobile self erecting construction crane

Self-erecting tower cranes

The autonomous self erecting tower cranes are ideal for construction sites where the crane is required periodically over a long period or for short term rental. Our Potain self erecting tower cranes have maximum lift capacities from 1.8 ton to 4.0 Ton with heights up to 38m and reaches from 16 to 40m.

Self erecting tower cranes can be erected and ready for their first lift within hours of leaving the yard, which makes them them an affordable, versatile and essential part of smaller construction projects. Potain are the undisputed leader in the mobile self-ercting tower crane business Worldwide.

Hoists & construction elevators

Hire of hoists and construction elevators

Installation and maintenance of hoists and elevators

Testing, inspections and compliance

Vertical access planning

Knowledge and experience is what sets our teams apart. For your next project, let our teams help you plan.

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