Potain Tower Cranes

MD1100 | MD1600 | MD2200 Load Charts

Max Lift Capacity up to 64 Tons

Maximum hook reach up to 83m

Jib head max capacity up to 23 Tons

Maximum hook height up to 101m

Potain MD Tower Cranes

Potain MD Tower Cranes: The MD series of top slewing Tower Cranes are the Worlds heavy lifters that have a maxim height of up to 100m, a maximum reach of 83m and a maximum lifting capacity of 64 Tons with the MD2200. A construction crane that has proved itself all around the World. For the most varied and demanding applications, MD MAXI cranes are the most powerful, the fruit of 25 years’ experience.

Heavy lifters

  • Construction site heavy lifters
  • Free standing height of up to 101m
  • MD Maxi are the most powerful Tower Cranes
  • Potain are the undisputed leaders in heavy lifting tower cranes

Potain MD Load Charts

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