Potain Tower Cranes MC310 | MC205 | MC125 Load Charts

Potain Tower Cranes: Cost-effective lifting with industry-leading performance | We’ve designed it so it’s very easy to assemble and Ready to work in 1 day

Potain MC Tower Cranes | Lifting Capacities up to 3.2 Tons at 70m

Potain MC Tower Cranes

Lifting Capacities up to 3.2 Tons at 70m

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Fast facts

Potain MD310C/MD205C/MD125C Top Slewing Tower Cranes.
  • Max Lift Capacity: 6000-12000kg
  • Max Hook Reach: 61m-71m
  • Jib Head Lift Capacity: 1.15T-3.2T
  • Max Hook Height: 44m-63m
  • Faster Setup and Installation
  • Ready to Work in One Day
  • One Man Operation
  • Improved Efficiencies with lightweight components.
  • Easier maintenance with trolley platform and cab on same side.
  • Lift Speeds up to 96m/min

Potain Tower Cranes: The Potain MC range of tower cranes are light weight, easy to assemble and offer a range of lifts and heights suitable for most construction sites. Often seen on Construction sites around South Africa and Africa the potain MC series of Tower cranes offer excellent lift speeds up to 97m/minute for lifts from 1.1 Ton to 4 Tons.

Boom length can vary in length up to 70m with 5m sections from 30m onwards. The Potain MC Range of tower cranes are extremely versatile, highly configurable and easy to establish. Let us at Tower crane South Africa help you price your next job that requires the use of  a single tower crane or a multi crane site. Our experts are highly experienced at providing the most cost efficient solutions with the maximum coverage.

POTAIN MC 310 Tower Crane Load Chart

POTAIN MC 205 Tower Crane Load Chart

POTAIN MC 125 Tower Crane Load Chart