Tower Crane Hire in Johannesburg

Our name says it, we are a tower crane hire company in Johannesburg which services all of South Africa as well as the surrounding Africa countries.

We hire out a wide range of tower cranes which include self erecting tower cranes, top slewing tower cranes and provide rigging services and operators as standard practice. If you are in need of a tower crane in Johannesburg, other provinces in South Africa or even as far as Central Africa, we are the Tower crane hire company you need to get a quote from.

tower-crane-rentalOur Tower crane rentals would typically include the transport and set up of the tower crane as well as insurance with low daily rates that make the difference on your long term costs of the project.

Our yards have stock of tower cranes in Johannesburg and are ready to transport to site at any given time.

See some of our more popular tower cranes in use around Johannesburg and the rest of Africa.

Potain MC 310 >>

Liebherr MK100 Self erecting tower crane >>

This represents a small fraction of the tower cranes that we have available for rental in Johannesburg which can be transported wherever they are needed.

Use Tower Cranes South Africa as your preferred Tower crane rental company in Johannesburg to service your projects and sites in South Africa or throughout Africa, we won’t let you down.