Liebherr Self Erecting Tower Crane MK100 | MK110 Load Charts

Versatility | Economy | Fast | Efficient | Erected and Ready to Lift in 17 Minutes

Mobile Self Erecting Tower Crane | Drive to site and erected in less than 20 minutes

Mobile Self Erecting Tower Cranes

Drive to site and erected in less than 20 minutes

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Fast Facts

  • Max Lift Capacity: 8000kg
  • Max Hook Reach: 52m
  • Jib Head Lift Capacity: 1800kg
  • Max Hook Height: 68m


  • Low Site Establishment cost
  • 17 Minute On-Site Erection
  • One Man Operation
  • No additional Equipment
  • Full Remote Control
  • Integrated Lighting for 24hr Operation
  • Built in Diesel Generator

Common Uses

  • City centre and night-time sites
  • Timber, steel, and factory construction
  • Refineries and chemical plants
  • Antennae construction
  • Roof refurbishments
  • Placement of solar panels
  • Glass facade construction
  • Bridge and highway construction
  • Maintenance and repair work
  • Prefabricated component and prefabricated
    building construction
  • Demolition and installation work
  • Site preparation work
self erector tower crane
Liebherr’s self erecting tower cranes are extremely versatile and quick to set up. The mobile self erecting tower crane by Liebherr revolutionises lifting in the construction industry through low cost, tower crane establishment, ideal for short term usage or use around a site where a fixed tower crane cannot be justified.

A mobile self erecting tower crane like the Liebherr MK series can be established on site within minutes and providing the height and reach that only tower cranes offer. Lets us help you prepare pricing for your next job or tender.




tower crane MK100-110-load