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Tower Crane Rentals: We provide a full range of Tower Cranes and lifting equipment to the construction industry with anything from the efficiency and speed of Mobile self erecting tower cranes with maximum lift capacities of 8 Tons to heavy lifting Tower Cranes with maximum capacities of up to 64 Tons.

Suppliers of Potain Cranes: Potain is the undisputed leader in the Tower Crane Industry having been manufacturing Tower Cranes since 1928 and evolved along with needs of the Construction Industry. Potain continues to innovate in the lifting and hoisting industry and provides the reliability and service required by the Worlds leading construction companies.

Mobile Self Erecting Tower Cranes


Versatility and speed of erection are what make the Mobile Self erecting Tower Cranes the Construction Industries go to crane for long reach lifts that are required only for a short period.

Variable work heights that best suit the job. The largest crane in the self-erecting Potain range also offers the most flexibility in configuration. With single trailer transport and a folding jib, the Igo T 130 fits in easily among even the tightest site constraints.